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Razzaq Enterprises is the top-notch and trusted overseas recruitment agency in Pakistan. Our aim is to provide outstanding recruitment manpower services. With our reliable services, we provide expert and highly skilled manpower to other agencies. So it makes us a dependable recruitment agency in Pakistan. Our manpower services are well defined and crafted for all the searchers out there. Our sleek environment helped our company to be the top employment agency in Pakistan. We are known as one of the prominent overseas employment agency in Pakistan. We truly believe in modern ways of recruitment. We act as a contemporary platform for improved understanding and communication between employees and companies. Whether a job seeker is hustling for a job in abroad or overseas agencies are hunting trained professionals. Being a top recruiter in Pakistan, we connect the potential job seekers with the right opportunity. We hire highly qualified workers from all the departments. Although, the time has vanished when looking for job was like climbing the rocks without any navigation tool. Our professional and dedicated HR staffs try their best to clear all the hurdles that might come your way during the application process.

We ensure to follow the authentic rules and make it a quick and an easy process. Our recruiter policies are on the best amongst the recruitment agencies in Pakistan. We provide you with the foremost man power resources, including all the professions in demand. From an educated person to a skilled person we have a wide range of opportunities for the potential job seekers who are able to show the best of their skills in a foreign land. Recruitment agencies of Pakistan are striving to create a bond with overseas recruitment companies. Some of the professions we deal in include Manufacturing and Construction, Trading and Marketing, Technology and Health, Banking and Finance, Education and Agriculture, Marine and Transportation etc.

Razzaq Enterprises serves all the departments with trained staff and advance managements. Overseas industries have an eminent platform for searching a qualified employee. As well as job-seekers can get a wide variety of opportunities. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has a collection of recruitment agencies in which Razzaq Enterprises is the surpassing the overseas employment agency in Pakistan. Razzaq Enterprises in Pakistan strongly believes in providing highly skilled and semi-skilled employees. We hire the most appropriate and trained employees for our beloved clients. We provide a massive platform to all the job seekers, so they can work with the best overseas companies. Being a well-reputed employment recruitment agency in Pakistan we are providing a bunch options. Whether, it is transportation or trading, Marine or security or health or safety, we have trained and hard working employees. Our mission is to provide the best job opportunities under one roof. We are striving to end the contemptible and despicable ways of recruitment. We want to provide modern and easy ways of recruitment to a local people and also to our overseas clients.

Razzaq Enterprises is the leading manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan. We act as a bridge between overseas companies and the local workers. As the best recruiter, we aim to provide the best manpower services across the world. Razzaq Enterprises handles all the manpower services under one roof. You can avail complete overseas employment services from employee verification to background checks. We keep a sharp eye to upcoming jobs and informed to the related job seeker for an immediate meeting at his ease. Being the best recruitment agency in Pakistan for Gulf we gained the trust of well-established companies in the foreign land. These overseas companies fully trust our services. Our mission is to provide the best job services to job seekers and workers to overseas agencies.

There are tons of jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis. Our HR department is very cornered about their efforts and they always keep in touch with the recruitment companies. Saudi Arabia offers  jobs for well-educated professionals to a handyman. From electrician to carpentry, plumbing, and flooring there are tons of jobs. These jobs are for those who are not degree holders but have excellent skills and experience related to their field. Overseas multinational companies are also giving employment opportunities to professional engineers. Saudi Arabia’s jobs for Pakistanis also include engineers, interior designers, carpenters etc. People out there can trust us and render our services after the completion of their studies and get a dream job. Our main aim is to provide an excellent platform for job-seekers and set the great name of Pakistan on international level. Razzaq Enterprises in Pakistan has recruited thousands of skilled employees to International companies. We have been working in close collaboration with companies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Algeria, Bahrain, Japan and Malaysia. We hold a friendly relation with a lot of overseas companies. They are highly satisfied with our services over the years. We worked with many famous international companies. Including the famous Nadec, Al-Marai, Kingdom Holding, Al-Rajhi Bank, Dallah Hospital and SBM(Saudi Business Machine).

Saudi Arabia’s companies are providing jobs related to every profession. It is indeed one of the great steps taken by the Saudi Agency. Professions that we deal in include electricians, plumbers, HVAC experts, painters, and a lot more. These are the latest jobs in Saudi Arabia. Razzaq Enterprises is one of the recruitment specialists in Pakistan. We intend to create robust and successful relationships with overseas employment companies. Our trained staffs are accountable for managing the hiring of different departments. We have set an outstanding standard of recruitment. We are considered as a recruitment specialist in Rawalpindi. We identify opportunities for the new generation according to their interest. We ensure that all the hired staff is suitable for the company programs. After all the required processes we set a particular target for other companies. We have a good reputation in other countries as well. We cater to our clients’ demands and provide them with the best and effective way of business. Being a recruitment specialist in Pakistan we are responsible for providing quality manpower. Hence, our recruitment specialists in Rawalpindi are performing with the best of their abilities. We created a team of experts who are well familiar with top business strategies. They are providing business benefits to international recruitment markets and also to the local manpower.

Razzaq Enterprises in Pakistan is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Our ambition is to help other organizations and agencies by enhancing the human resources. We aim to increase the productivity by intensifying the human resources. Our foremost target is to make our agency more convenient for both, our clients and the employees. We are ardent in our commitments to deliver state of the art services to our clients. Being a top recruiter in Pakistan we deliver expert and systematized HR solutions. More than 1000 companies are cooperating with us at the moment. With over 32 years of experience we are serving locals and international clients with ease. These stats make us stand as one of the best HR consultants in Pakistan. In this chaotic world, every day we hear a story of an unemployed man and his struggle with life. We intend to provide countless opportunities to deserving ones. We are capable of providing affordable manpower services in Pakistan. Razzaq Enterprises is an open door for hardworking and experienced labor. We are providing a huge platform for earning a handsome salary on an international scale. Our Rawalpindi office is well known by many people who a striving to get a job they can visit us and we will help them to find a perfect job.

Our initiative is to be one of the most accessible agencies for our clients and the employees. Unemployment is becoming a key issue in this world. By exchanging professional members and opportunities we have helped thousands of unemployed people in getting their dream job. Razzaq Enterprises is a well-established platform for agencies and job-seekers. We provide immense services all over the world. People from different areas and different backgrounds can get tons of opportunities. This is the ultimate goal of our recruiting agency. Razzaq Enterprises is a Government Certified recruitment agency. We are working in Pakistan and on the International level with great vision and ideas. Razzaq Enterprises has emerged as one of the Best Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. We have modernized the concepts of recruiting by minimizing the distance between the Employees and the Employer.

We have revamped the traditional way of Recruitment by bringing in technology, tools, and better mediums of communication. Overseas Recruitment and employment was used to be considered tiresome in Pakistan because of factors including agency’s legality, middleman’s involvement, job’s authenticity, and fraudulent people that intend to take the money from poor and disappear. Unfortunately, this kind of practice existed in the market for a long time. However, ever since Razzaq Enterprises emerged in the domestic market, we have changed the way how this industry runs. We have extensively incorporated the technology to provide authenticity and transparency to both clients and the job seekers. We assure to follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations that are set by the Ministry of Overseas Employment and Bureau of Immigration and Protector Government of Pakistan to rule out any practices of fraud and fake job offers by the authentic and approved job advertisements in local newspapers and social media pages.

Social media is the biggest and most powerful way of communicating with potential job seekers. We post advertisements that are 100% genuine and authentic. Razzaq Enterprises is gaining more and more popularity due to the transparent and trustworthy services. In the time span  of 32 years, we have facilitated thousands of clients in the Middle Eastern countries especially in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Bahrain. We are striving hard to provide the best manpower to our clients. We have a strong social media presence on our official Facebook page. We believe in driving results & over the years we have been able to provide manpower to multinational companies all over the world. We are one of the leading and in demand overseas employment agency for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Our scope is not restricted only to the Middle East, but we are also working for our beloved clients in Far East Asian countries.

Overseas employment Agency | Recruitment company for Gulf and Saudi Arabia. From the permanent hiring, temporary recruitment, or salary benchmarking to even the executive search, Razzaq Enterprises, and solutions are proficiently creating and managing your workforce. Our recruiting agency is fully recognized by the Government of Pakistan and, also by the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA), that specifically deals in highly trained, professional and best-qualified manpower to the Gulf (Middle East), Far East and to various parts of the world in several sectors of industry such as FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Labors (Skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled), Doctors, Education, IT & Telecom, and Banking & Finance, etc.

As a Manpower Recruiting Consultant in Pakistan, we have contractual agreements, MOU’s with world’s most renowned companies to provide skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled, white-collar and blue-collar workers and manpower from all over Pakistan. Our working environment and facilities that we provide to both, our clients and candidates make us the top overseas employment agencies in Pakistan as compared to other Manpower Consultants from Pakistan. Our focal point is to assure that the clients and employees by providing them reliable and long lasting recruit services. We grasp our clients’ HR needs and provide them outclass Manpower Services that meet their demands. Therefore, we are considered as one of the best overseas employment agencies in Pakistan.

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Why choose Human Resource
Service Company

Razzaq Enterprises provides comprehensive Human Resource services, turn-key solutions to help company’s hire the most competent and skilled manpower.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with best and cost-effective manpower services by using latest technology and implementing well-carved hiring strategies designed to bring comfort to our clients.

Our Values

Our values are designed in a way that they create an unbreakable employer and employee bond. We believe in complete transparency and guaranteed customer satisfaction by providing the best manpower services in the world.

Our Strategy

Our strategies are carved by the leading professionals to bring comfort and ease to our client’s lives. We blend automated technology with latest recruitment methodologies to provide only the most efficient manpower supply.

Our Employees

We have the best manpower recruitment team that uses various human resource management techniques to dig out the most skilled workers that are dedicated and are trained to the best of their abilities.

Who we are

Overseas employment agency in Pakistan
Manpower supply

Razzaq Enterprises is a manpower recruitment agency that deals in professional manpower services in various countries around the globe, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE etc. We have in-house Technical Trade Testing Center which is highly equipped with latest technology and tools for skill testing and enhancement of our manpower’s technical abilities. 

Staffing Solutions

We are qualified professionals that deal in effective staffing solutions. Our client data base is spread all over the world with some well known companies on our panel. Our core responsibilities include medical, visa process, attaining Protector from Government of Pakistan and creating a efficient traveling plan for our manpower.

Work Abroad

Razzaq Enterprises strives to provide highly-paid jobs abroad in different sectors such as Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Construction, Automobiles, Roads & Bridges, Hospitality, IT/Baking and Agriculture etc. We only deal in the best foreign jobs and aim to provide the best Pakistani manpower around the world.

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